Stoney Paths decorative products are poured to exacting specifications to ensure beauty, strength and long lasting pavers and stepping stones for your DIY landscape projects. We have available products from simple paver bricks to matched patio sets to interlocking patio and driveway pavers. Our products are available in natural concrete grey to a variety of mix and match colors integrated in our high strength mix designs, including pastel browns, greens, reds and mixed color. So, you can either mix and match the available colors to create a vibrant patio design or you can install and stain/finish your project to your own color scheme. Our experts will help you determine the exact products and tools needed for your project.

Fieldstone – Brown, LT, Large

Part #: W1004

Fieldstone – Brown, LT, Medium

Part #: W1003

Fieldstone – Brown, LT, Small

Part #: W1002

Fieldstone – Plain

Part #: W1001
** Prices shown are estimates only and subject to change **